Sykut Project - Conesus Lake

A project nestled between the lakes edge and a bustling road that required creativity, craftsmanship and years of experience to complete.

Designer & Lead Foreman: Darin Smith

A seamless blend between natural stone steps and composite decking.


The homeowner's goals were as follows:

1.) Make the current grass slope easier to maintain.

2.) Update the steps with safety in mind.

3.) Have the new structure compliment the updated facade of the home.

Design reviews are extremely important when working with our clients to develop their visions. We believe this project was edited at least three times? DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT.

The layout, materials, lighting, plants, ect. all take extensive planning to create one cohesive space.

However, the end product is worth it...

Thank you to Ms. Sykut for the opportunity to work on such a beautiful project along the lake & thank you to our Brighton Landscape team for all the hard work they put into this project.

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